When your client’s tools don’t work for you…

One of the ongoing struggles that I have with clients is the lack of consistency in tools that they use to facilitate productivity for themselves. Now the erratic nature of client work for me leads to me jumping not just from coding context to coding context, but also to the switching and trying to keep track of the those tools of the ‘others’. I have tools that work for me on personal projects and I do work to tune those in ways that work for me. However, constantly having to `dip a toe` into the processes of others can be a frustrating experience. I find as I get older my ability to smoothly navigate this becomes worse and worse.

I am sure in these organizations these tools acquire a cultural expectation of how to interact with them, but it is getting harder and harder for me to keep these in my head. Of course often there is no visible consistency in how these tools are used, or the person that I am interacting with tries to change how they _normally_ work with the tools to work with me, the occasional tourist, in ways that become inconsistent with their own processes and it becomes a rats nest of competing instincts. Then productivity becomes a battle.

I am unsure how to fix this moving forward, when the tools to help work are the biggest roadblock to progress and that very work and cause increasing stress and frustration on both sides of the fence there has to be a bridge to get work done…

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