HTTP Tools Roundup | LornaJane

HTTP Tools Roundup | LornaJane:

At a conference a few days ago, I put up a slide with a few of my favourite tools on it. I got some brilliant additional recommendations in return from twitter so I thought I’d collect them all in one place in case anyone is interested – all these tools are excellent for anyone working APIs (so that’s everyone!).

Some great tools listed here. I have gotten really fond of [Paw]( for working with and building REST clients and apps. Also one not mentioned here is [Charles]( which is a great tool for http/https debugging and seeing what is actually going on in the pipe.

Yoink: drag and drop mind blown

Screenshot 6 30 17 2 21 PMThere are some Applications that you never know you needed, that scratch the itch that you have always had and didn’t know about, Yoink is that app for me today. The amazing Bill Bumgarner bbum @bbum directed me at this, it gives you a way to actually drag and drop from this has been an ongoing frustration and friction point with me and the new version of Photos. If that was all it did, I would still gladly hand over the purchase price, but it does oh so much more. Take the time to check it out.